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Baden Shooters Skilcoach Basketball

Teaches kids (ages up to 14 years) game fundamentals.

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Baden Shooter’s Skilcoach Basketball

Size 6
Teaches kids (ages up to 14 years) game fundamentals. Green color coding for righties and blue for lefties. Indoor/outdoor rubber ball. Right-handed shooter uses the green hand. Left handed shooter use the blue hand. There should be a small space between the palm and the ball for best control. The black circle on the ball is the area that should not come into contact with the palm. Off hand - The non-shooting had should be placed on the side of the ball. This hand is your guide hand and is used only for better ball control. Body position: Feet shoulder-width apart foot under the shooting hand slightly ahead of the other foot. Knees slightly bent. Shoulders square to the hoop. Keep your head still the less motion the greater your accuracy. Raise the ball to eye level and bend back or cock your shooting wrist. In one motion extend your bent knees and shooting aim pretending to drop your hand over the front rim.  

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Baden Shooters Skilcoach Basketball
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