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Markwort Glove Locker Kit

Glove Locker(TM) is the complete ball glove break-in and maintenance kit.

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Glove Locker(TM) is the complete ball glove break-in and maintenance kit. 

It's like shoestrings, belts and mattresses, only better. Why? Because the Glove Locker hugs your glove uniformly with the ball secure in an inner pocket. The result is Pocket Perfection(TM). The Glove Locker was designed by a ballplayer for ballplayers who care about their equipment. Its easily stretchable and washable neoprene is superlight, yet durable. It has incredible life, springing back into shape time after time. And because it covers more of the outer surface than a belt or shoelace, it protects the outside leather during storage. The Glove Locker is perfect for breaking in new gloves. Just rub a little Glove Lube(TM) on your glove and follow the easy wrapping instructions. In just a few days you'll see the results, as your glove begins to take on the natural shape of the ball it's hugging. Insert ball into universal ball pouch. (The ball size determines formed pocket size.) Place ball pouch into pocket of glove. Close glove while wrapping band around outside of glove until band locks tightly into place. Serious ballplayers all over the country, from youth league to the pros, are using the Glove Locker to protect their valuable investments. Pocket Perfection(TM) was never so easy! Patent # 5,456,390. 

Glove Locker Features
The Glove Locker maintains your glove's overall shape with continued use and fulfills glove manufacturer recommendations for proper care. The universal ball pouch fits both baseballs and softballs securely. Washable neoprene does more than keep your glove's shape. It helps to protect the outside of your glove's leather, too. The Glove Locker is individually clamshell retail packaged with complete wrapping instructions.

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Markwort Glove Locker Kit
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