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Universal Nutrition Sterol Complex - 90 Caps

Universal Nutrition Natural Sterol Complex

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Natural Sterol Complex is the powerful but natural alternative that serious bodybuilders have been looking for. Eight distinct and potent components make up Natural Sterol Complex formula: plant sterols, amino acids, energy substrates, essential fatty acids (EFAs), electrolytes, performance boosters, nucleosides, and important minerals. These components ensure that Natural Sterol Complex may help get you bigger and harder in a shorter period of time.* The select plant sterol formula found in every bottle is what makes Natural Sterol Complex so unique among bodybuilding supplements.

The benefits of sterols dont stop there. Specific sterols found in Natural Sterol Complex can actually bind to estrogen receptor sites, thus reducing the likelihood of aromatization (estrogen conversion).* With Natural Sterol Complex, you get a comprehensive blend of sterols including fucosterol, stigmasterol, B-sitosterol, campesterol, and other mixed sterols for optimal results.*

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Universal Nutrition Sterol Complex - 90 Caps
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